I´m Ariana Pedroza

It is an honor to be trusted to go on a journey of healing with my clients. I focus on chronic conditions (hormone health, digestive issues, muscular issues, etc) My approach is clinical and trauma informed (emotional and physical). I have an understanding that everyone has a bio-individual journey so I will be with them every step of the way to find what intuitively works to improve their health. With my background in Chinese medicine, yoga, massage, and nutrition, I will be able to help exceed health goals.

I would love to get our journey started!

Namaste, Ariana

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Curandari provides resources and workshops centered around collective healing for the Latin Community (inclusive to all).

Part of La Cura with Jenna Cordaro and Alina Gutierrez. We create a safe space to normalize healing through intentional conversations, movement, and community. 

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Vuélvete cada día más lista haciendo caso a tu intuición, mirando el mundo con el ojito de tu frente. Salta, baila, canta, para que vivas más feliz. Cúrate mijita, con amor bonito, y recuerda siempre…

¡Tú eres la medicina!
-Maria Sabina, poet and healer

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Shiatsu is similar to massage but works with a series of pressure points and stretches, similar to yoga.
This depends on the person. Lifestyle is imperative to progress. Following recommendations and keeping up with sessions are important!
Yes, it works well with multiple modalities whether it be physical or mental health.
Shiatsu is different because it recognizes patterns in the body through Traditional Chinese Medicine. This includes the body, mind and spirit. It assists with getting to the root rather than just treating symptoms.
All the structures of the body are connected to the brain via nerves, connective tissues and muscles. Which need to be worked on in our for us to function optimally. Symptoms start showing after there has been persisting problem. The brain communicates to the body through nervious and the endocrine (hormone) systems. These systems are connected to the spinal cord. They exchange via chemical and electrical signals that pass between cells

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