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I´m Ariana Pedroza

The name Curandari comes from the Spanish word "Curandera," meaning healer and my loved ones call me Ari. I believe that we all have an inner healer within us and, in Latino culture, the Curandera is a holistic and natural healer who uses ancient methods to help others in the community. I am passionate about helping people activate their inner healer and being an agent of change for those who are willing. By activating the inner healer, we can heal generations to come.

Through alternative medicine, I discovered how to create a sense of safety in my body. I believe that the ancient methods of alternative healing, which have been a part of Latino culture for centuries, should be accessible and less taboo. My grandmother's use of herbs like "Yerbaniz" and "Gordolobo" to treat colds and stomach aches from her Mexican garden helped me connect with my roots and feel a sense of belonging. Being in the US, sometimes these traditions get lost. Unfortunately, many Latinos carry intergenerational trauma that is often ignored and lacks resources for healing. Connecting to our ancient wisdom along with the right resources, we can heal generations and set a better example.

My journey towards better health was not easy, but it taught me how to live a well-balanced life, find peace and overcome my internal struggles. I gained expertise in Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, Nutrition, and Yoga, and found a love for yoga, which helped me come back to my breath and find balance. Coping with anxiety by integrating the body and mind was a turning point in my life. I obtained certifications in yoga, HIIT yoga sculpt, integrative nutrition, and Chinese medicine. Now, I am devoted to helping others overcome their internal struggles through fitness, bodywork, breathwork, and eating right.

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